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Agriculture and Environment

In 2009, IDETEC Unmanned Systems appears in the precision agriculture market with sUAS Stardust. Across the years, sUAS Stardust has been recognized as a leader in the data gathering of multispectral images to obtain NDVI and thermographic maps.

Using our GIS and UAS solutions for georeferenced orthomosaic you can obtain high detail of areas. Our UAS family has been integrated to a wide range of GIS available on the market.

Our UAS family are equipped with multispectral, thermographic and visual range cameras.

Our expertise in precision agriculture has also been used by other UAS vendors and General Aviation industry.






In 2013, IDETEC Unmanned Systems presented AG-Wing, a complete new system focused on simplicity and performance. Integrated with hi-res camera and multispectral sensor, AG-Wing is capable to obtain multispectral orthomosaic and 2D/3D mapping.


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