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iMK-8 and iMK-4

Designed for High Precision

  • Multirotor solution with the capability to take off and land in small spaces.

  • Navigation and control is automatic and assisted by GPS and IMU. Different navigation modes, including precise waypoint navigation.

  • Camera mount is gyro-stabilized.

  • Operations conducted in day and night conditions.

  • Stable under windy conditions.

  • Mil-Std ground control station. Easy to transport and deploy.

Operation with focus on the application

  • IMK-8/4 supports the integration of different sensors and payloads.

  • Multiple operations modes, depending on the mission required.

  • Night operation without the use of any external system, reducing the detection of the UAV. Low noise level.

  • UAS operator focused on the application. Automated navigation and control to manage all flight parameters.

Excellent Results

  • Missions conducted during day and night.

  • Tested in football stadiums for security and law enforcement.

  • Used for high precision mapping in agriculture and general mapping applications.

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