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Multirotor VTOL system designed to be easy to deploy and operate. Can fly in day and night conditions with high resolution cameras and thermal sensors. 

Launch and recovery in small spaces and 35 minutes of endurance

EVO-Cam, the best combination of performance and cost-effective solution. Capable to carry advanced payload and GNSS PPK/RTK receiver, EVO-Cam leverage all developments included in AG-Wing and Stardust. 

Max. endurance of 80 minutes and 20Km distance. 


The most proven and capable system provided by IDETEC Unmanned Systems, including operations at high altitude, above 4,000 meters. sUAS Stardust has been exported to many nations, in production since 2009.


90 minutes of endurance and 20km distance.

iMK-8 and iMK-4


AG-Wing is our entry level solution for precision agriculture and general mapping. It is Max simplicity for new users but also Max performance, equipped with 20mp sensor and 45 minutes of endurance.


AG-Wing has been used by operators in different conditions with success.

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Advanced Payloads


Small and lightweight Green-Red-Near Infrared camera. Ideal for any UAV or Drone available on the market.

Tetracam ADC Micro
Tetracam Micro MCA


4,6 or 12 Bands Multispectral Camera. Tetracam's MCA systems have been a consistent choice among remote sensing professionals around the world.


The Parrot Sequoia is a powerful multispectral sensor in a pocket-sized package. Featuring an integrated GPS/light sensor, four narrowband imagers, and an RGB camera for digital scouting.

Pix4D Parrot Sequoia


Process hundreds or thousand of images obtained by any UAS is a major challenge. The process is extensive in hardware, software and human skills. It is a boring and sometimes tricky process. 

Our Image Process Cloud provides a unified platform to process images collected by any IDETEC UAS available on the market. Just upload your data and the "cloud" will deliver an orthomosaic and digital surface model. 

Our cloud service has been optimized for our UAVs. This is the fastest way to obtain amazing results without dealing with software licenses and expertise to process data.

Image Process Cloud

Data Processing

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