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EVO-Cam, the best combination of performance and cost-effective solution. Capable to carry advanced payload and GNSS PPK/RTK receiver, EVO-Cam leverage all developments included in AG-Wing and Stardust.

EVO-Cam has a wide range of options and configurations in a robust and proven airframe platform. The system has been tested in a high altitude and windy environment to ensure an effective operational rollout.

Multiple Payload Options

  • RGB HD, Multispectral, Thermal and more... almost any small payload can be used in EVO-Cam.

  • Certified Payload Options:

    • Sony RX1R II 42mp RGB – mapping

    • Sony A5100 24mp RGB – mapping

    • Sony A5100 24mp NIR - agriculture

    • Micasense Sequoia – agriculture

    • Tetracam mMCA6 – agriculture

    • FLIR Vue Pro - thermal

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